Book Worms vs Movie Lovers

Book Worms vs Movie Lovers

Speaking about the Movie vs Book battle, there is no right or wrong. We are all created different, and our preferences may vary. Nonetheless, book fans always insist on the fact that nothing compares with books. On the other hand, there is a whole bunch of folks who believe that movies are much more expressive and fascinating. So, what is the reason why some people love books and others prefer movies?

Voting For Movies

First of all, watching movies is easier than reading as long as you don’t have to challenge your mental capacities. Basically, this is the #1 answer to the question “Why do people prefer screen versions?”. Live image stimulate the mind and there’s no need for you to challenge your imagination. That’s quite convenient: watching movies can widen your field of vision and show you the pictures that would never cross your mind in other situation. So, movie is the best way to go for bone-idles. Another awesome thing about films is that you don’t have to spend months on making an acquaintance with them. Needless to say, this is a great option for busy people. Movie is the best option when every minute counts. Moreover, movie can prevent you from experiencing a disappointment…well, at least you’ve only wasted two hours, not two weeks as it would be if you started reading a book.

Book Lovers

However fascinating a screen version may be, the majority of people would rather read the book first. Reading boosts our thinking processes and make us smarter. It leverages the printed words for your intellectual growth, and that’s what we all strive for. Reading benefits you in every possible way: you pick up new words and phrases, train your memory and imagination, and learn more about life. Additionally, your own vision of the story can bear no resemblance with that of the movie director. Thus, the movie can turn out to be a complete anticipointment. Another thing to say here is the fact that books are more detailed and give you a better understanding of things. Reading gives you the full image of the plot and characters while movie just shows a very brief and superficial presentation. A reader rules the action; a watcher is ruled.

All in all, tastes differ. To cut a long story short, the process of reading boosts your mental skills, but watching a movie can amuse you and give some additional impression of the plot. Your state of mind is a matter of great importance, too. For example, watching a movie is a good idea if you are tired and just want to relax, rest your brain and have some fun. This question is probably not so important in fact, because as you know, this is the point of manner and matter.

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