1. Howdy Howdy Howdy. Checked out your tutorial and I must say wow again wow. I’ve never thhuogt of using clear embossing powder for that effect. See that is why I stalk all you awesome crafter’s and artist’s. I love papercrafting and am new to it all pretty much and hope to be as good as what I see online. I can only hope.My favorite part of your tags were the trim. They are all gorgeous.I would love to have those aquamarker’s. They look like alot of fun. Thanks for the chance for all of us to win um. that is very generous and nice of you and your boss. Thank you both.Sorry comment turned into a book.Have a great week

  2. Oh no! Well, as an English teacher you’re not rurqieed to read books that are life changing. I would think that well written books are better! Something that requires the write to use their imagination and craft a great story.

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