Find the Perfect Gift for Every Book Worm

Find the Perfect Gift for Every Book Worm

The humble book makes a wonderful gift and offers the recipient hours of pleasure and enjoyment. A great choice for those difficult to buy for loved ones, a book makes a wonderfully personal, yet easy gift option.

Whatever type of book you are looking for, The Book Depository is the place to begin, and end, your search. As the UK’s largest dedicated online bookseller, The Book Depositary holds the largest range of titles in the world – which is an amazing achievement.

Check for a great Book Depository discount code before you browse, to get an even bigger discount on the amazing great value prices on website.

The Book Depositary is currently able to ship over six million unique titles, within a mere 48 hours, from their distribution centre in Gloucester, and the book selling giant is prepared to keep on growing.

Its admirable motto is ‘All Books to All’, and their aim is to list as many titles as possible, including a wide range of previously hard to get hold of books. This makes The Book Depositary the perfect place to find an unusual and interesting gift for the bookworm in your life.

So committed to its core ethos of offering an ever wider selection of titles, The Book Depository even boasts its own imprint, Dodo Press, through which it breathes life into previously extinct books so that the world can enjoy them once more.

Through Dodo Press, over fifteen thousands out of print or hard to get hold of titles have been re-published, making them available as part of The Book Depositary’s wide range, and meaning that you have more books to choose from when on the hunt for that ideal gift.

With its range of over six million books, there really is something for everyone at The Book Depositary. If you find yourself bamboozled by the choice on offer then here’s a little nudge in the right direction:

For Art Lovers

Book Depositary has a wide range of art books, covering many genres of art and artists. For lovers of modern art the Contemporary British Art book by Grant Pooke is a great buy.

As well as art books, The Book Depositary also has design, fashion, theatre, photography and architecture books, which make perfect gifts for students, or anyone with a related career, hobby or interest.

For Crafty Ones

Crafty hobbies are booming in popularity right now as they manage to kill two birds with one stone. They’re a way to save money, while also being a low cost hobby – which is perfect for these lean times.

The Book Depositary has a wide range of craft related titles, covering every imaginable hobby from flower arranging to jewellery making. The owner of a lovely arts and crafts book will never have reason to be bored again.

For Crime Solvers

Crime is a popular genre, across fiction and non-fiction, and there’s nothing better than getting stuck into a meaty mystery.

Choose from brand new crime bestsellers and classic crime favourites when you shop from The Book Depositary’s wide range.

For Wannabe Chefs

Wannabe chefs will be in their element with a fabulous new cook book to get stuck into. Either choose a book by their favourite celebrity chef, or one featuring their favourite cuisines. Baking books are especially cute, with cupcakes, cake pops and whoopee pies all ready for the baking (and eating).

For Home Bodies

Those who love to feather their nest are sure to appreciate a home related hardback to glean inspiration from. Flea Market Style by Emily Chalmers is a cute coffee table book for those who like to put together a unique vintage look in their home.

For Self-Improvers

Everyone loves a good mantra or two, and self-improvement books can be a real help to those looking for that bit of extra motivation. With titles such as ‘It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be,’ however, it’s wise to exercise caution when giving a self-help book as a gift.

Whoever you have in mind to buy for, you’ll be more spoilt for choice at The Book Depositary than at any other bookstore. The hardest part is choosing just the one, so why not put your discount code to good use and add to your own library? Just take note of how much shelf space you have as you’re sure to want much more than just one.

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