How to Start Selling Books for Kindle

How to Start Selling Books for Kindle

Amazon is well known to have accounted for a third of all U.S. e-commerce sales since it’s submergence onto the web. Not only that, but Amazon’s website is visited by millions of eager buyers each and everyday. This is definitely good news for any writers that are looking to be discovered. As a writer, did you know that you could actually make money by self-publishing your own e-books on Amazon? Basically, you can turn any stories that you’ve written and sell them as an e-book by teaming up with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Program. By teaming up with Amazon to publish your content, your e-books can then be purchased by anyone using the free Kindle app. And the best part is that the free Kindle app can be downloaded to computers, the iPad and on many other platforms.

What is a Kindle?

In basic terms, a Kindle is like an electronic book that can hold several dozen books at once. What makes the Kindle the perfect device is that it is also a wireless tablet, so you don’t need to have a Wi-Fi network at home in order to take advantage of using it. And to purchase books, all you have to do is scroll through the online store, make a purchase, and then download the e-books to your Kindle to read. It’s extremely simple to do. You can browse for e-books right from the Kindle app itself, and you can purchase anything from books, magazines, to even newspapers. It’s better than carrying around several dozen books when you can just walk around with the Kindle instead. The Kindle is so popular that in 2010 alone, sales for all e-book readers worldwide reached 12.8 million, and 48% of that number comes from Kindle e-book purchases.

How To Get Started with Selling Books for Kindle

In order to start publishing your writing, you need to sign up at Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to get started. It is free. You can sign up using your Amazon login and password.. Once you’re in and have typed out the title of your e-book, you’ll be given two steps to complete. The first step is where you add book information and upload files, while the second step involves managing publishing rights, pricing, royalties and choosing countries where the book can be purchased. You’ll also receive an option to protect your book content, and it is not required to do so. After you have successfully completed all these steps and submit the book for review, it could take a few days to hear back from Amazon on when the page is up and running.

You’ll need to have figured out the niche, checked the appropriate categories to sell if your book will sell, do proper research to write a high quality book and then work on some promotion and marketing. Though there is a built-in audience at Amazon, it is still important to try to get traffic, reviews for your book and help it sell.

That’s how simple it really is to get started selling your writing on Amazon. Selling books for Kindle is an easy process to set up and get your writing found on the market today. It only takes a day generally to get your work approved, and then you can work on the promotion part. Researching what does sell on Amazon is important as well so you don’t pick an area that is unpopular or has no buyers.

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