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Amazon Tweaks Kindle Publishing Royalties To Encourage Page Turners
The KOLL gives users of Amazon's e-readers who also shell out for its one-year membership, Prime, the ability to borrow from a catalogue of Kindle e-books for free. Amazon sets a monthly global fund to incentivize authors to participate in its KDP …
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Why Amazon's Echo Personal Assistant Is Worth Buying
It also is linked to Amazon Prime Music, which means it acts as a credible speaker that will play any music that's available in your personal Amazon music library or the free music available for Prime members. The sound quality is akin to what you get …
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Amazon's 'pay-per-page' plan could alter writing as well as royalties
The new method of payment doesn't apply to books that have been purchased but to those that are borrowed as part of Kindle Unlimited, which allows for – you guessed it – unlimited reading of KU books in exchange for a subscription fee. Self-published …
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