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  1. This is a perfect exmlpae of the sick modern society we lived in. This is not an “asocial” violence we are supposedly trained to go up against. This started out as a very “social” violence. The “asocial” part started AFTER the poor footballer got held in a choke and his mate got a barrage of punches and kicks. To make it worse, tons of bystanders are watching and DO NOTHING to really break up the brawl?! And read the article, the poor footballer is applauded for not fighting back his assailant! Talking about pure unadultered stupidity WOW!!! I wonder what would happen if the young man has been trained in TFT or any kind of martial art even and smashed the guy behind him with an elbow to a face and a back headbutt, leaving the goon with a broken face. Would the cops have arrested the young footballer instead? If we have to wait for the “asocial” part to arise, even TFT will be of no help at all!

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