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  1. Hi Allison, I think I understand your rensaniog behind having assets on your site behind a registration wall after launch, even though I disagree with it.A video like this is designed to get commentary and online buzz. It is guaranteed that it will be up on YouTube extremely quickly and many people will view it on there, so not putting the video up there at the same time as it is released on TV is a wasted opportunity. Putting your own HD version up there will improve the image instead of people watching a low quality version.Your use of a asset base, with registration, works in the pre-release stage, when you want to offer it to online places, where you give people access to exclusive content. You build up a base of bloggers/online publications that will use your content. But once in general release, get it out there and let anyone with a digital space spread the word.I love the VJAM idea, superb. I’ll be following that to see what comes out of it. I wish more brands/companies would do stuff like this.

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