Web Views for March 6: Monterey Dam, airport restaurant, courthouse tower

Web Views for March 6: Monterey Dam, airport restaurant, courthouse tower
Maybe they should have left the restaurant stuff in there and if the new owner/renter wanted to change it up, let them. That is pretty huge to start … On book reveals archaeological digs: These are people who truly enrich the human experience. They …
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Chegg CEO: Nope, no tech bubble
Daniel Rosensweig, president and CEO of the textbook renter Chegg, does not see a bubble in the tech public markets. He attributes that to the fact that most companies aren't even being valued in the first place. "You hear about the high valuation …
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Airbnb lands on Martha's Vineyard
What's appealing about Airbnb, said users interviewed, is its ease of use to both the host and renter. To book a room or home, a potential renter goes to the web site and fills in the dates, desired location, and number of guests. A variety of filters …
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