Who Shall Stand?

Who Shall Stand?

In the book of revelation, emphasis was laid on people standing before their creator at the last day i.e. on the judgment day. These people that are standing are of different categories. Some are standing courageously before God having kept the faith and finished strong and others are standing trembling with fear. Revelation 14: 1-end gives in-depth knowledge on the topic, “Who Shall Stand?”

God has a purpose for man at the beginning and this is called the God’s plan. This plan is explained in Gen 1:26-30 and verse 26 says, ‘He wants man to be perfect, holy and complete’. Specifically, God has three (3) purposes and they are:
• He made man a ruler over all He has made
• He wants man to be fruitful
• He wants man to be heir to Him

Unfortunately, these purposes of God for mankind were shattered by the Devil. This came in because of the fall of the first man, Adam as explained in Gen 3. A standard was set by God and man disobeyed God by refusing to follow the set standard. Man disobeyed God and this brought fear, separation, loss of privilege, hardship, lack of trust, curses, pains, agonies, hatred and the likes to man. The man became imperfect, incomplete and completely an outcast. The most unfortunate side of this was the intimacy between man and God that was cut of i.e. no more evening visitation.

However, God will not stop loving man. They are His people; His very image and likeness. He looks for how to reconcile man unto Himself (Rom 5:9-11). He sent His prophets and servants to show us the way to Him but they were all killed and massacred. This was explained by His Son, Jesus Christ in the parable of the Tenant in Matt 21:33-43. God later sent His son to come and offer himself as sacrifice of reconciliation. He came to give us life and save us from destruction. He restored our heir-ship unto us and bridged the gap between us and God. He likewise brings us back to our position of immensurable intimacy with our creator having destroyed sins and grants us victory on the cross.

Your have a choice now! He has done everything for us when he said it is finished on the cross. There is death, judgment and heaven. These are real! Whether you believe or not, you are going to die one day. There is death unto life and unto eternal damnation. You shall also stand before God and receive your judgment. You shall be weighed! Your work shall be tested! He will judge righteously and accordingly regardless of ties. The next is the welcoming – either to heaven/paradise (the abode of God) or to hell (the palace of the Devil and His cohorts).

What are those things God will not consider in judging us? These include the following: Your personal ambition, your devotion, your work without salvation, your tithe and offerings, talents and gifts, and ties. While these things are relevant, emphasis is laid on genuine salvation. God is still in the business of saving souls and need people to partner with Him.

Who will stand? Your must be born again before you can STAND secured. This means that you must give your life to Christ, forsake your old ways, deny yourself and carry your cross daily following Christ. Your must live a holy and pure life, work the works of righteousness and be baptized. Get prepared always because the time is short and could be NOW!

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